The AOS Program

Proving True Sustainability

Similar to the DSRV Program, the AOS (Assure Optimal Supply) Program is an auditing service that supports your organization
in monitoring supplier performance and their adherence
to “push-down” requirements and their CSR (customer specific requirements) responsibilities. The AOS program enables your organization to capture the necessary data for effective reporting, by providing an accurate and accountable means to prove sustainability and produce real customer confidence.

The AOS Process

Pre Audit

  • AccessQMS will assist the client and coordinate the QMS Auditor’s schedule to accommodate the established AOS audit date.
  • The schedule is based on the requirements of the client, and is determined by the availability of both the designated supplier and the QMS Auditor.
  • Via e-mail, the QMS Auditor will contact the designated supplier prior to the agreed date for confirmation and an e-mail response for that particular audit. The QMS Auditor will then forward the designated supplier’s confirmation response via e-mail to the client.

AOS Audit

  • The QMS Auditor will arrive on the scheduled date as determined by the client and perform the AOS audit using the client’s prescribed audit methodology (this is based on the applicable standard and/or structure of the management system or customer specific requirements that have been assigned).
  • The QMS Auditor will perform the AOS audit as scheduled.
  • A brief closing meeting will be held with the designated supplier to review the audit findings and gain consensus.
  • As time permits, additional evidence may be presented at this time.
  • As time permits, immediate and/or long-term corrective actions may also be presented by the supplier to be forwarded for review by the client.
  • The QMS Auditor will send the client a detailed AOS audit report, including any documented corrective actions submitted by the supplier for client review.

Follow Up

  • Upon every audit’s completion, submission of the AOS audit report and after the client’s review/evaluation of each particular audit, the QMS Auditor will submit to the client a brief performance monitoring survey (approved by the client). This mechanism will enable the client to accurately determine the performance and proficiency level of each QMS Auditor in meeting the client’s specific supplier requirements. It also provides the necessary documentation as objective evidence of supplier monitoring during third party assessment.

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