System Maintenance

The DSRV Program

“DSRV” is a Naval and/or marine acronym for Deep Sea Rescue/Recovery Vehicle. It is a small, but very sturdy, submersible vehicle used to rescue people and recover equipment trapped deep below the ocean surface. Operating on a similar principle, AccessQMS provides a business version DSRV (Deep System Recovery Vehicle) for the purpose of recovering burden costs to the bottom line when maintaining your management system(s).                 See The DSRV Process.

DSRV Program Benefits:

  • Stabilizes your system through our proven expertise and QMS (qualified management specialist) Auditor competence
  • Recovers burden cost revenue from having to maintain your system’s auditing requirements internally
  • Redirects and optimizes internal workforce efforts toward new or existing initiatives
  • Maintains complete independence of auditing, as required by the standard(s)
  • Provides realistic and practical recommendations for corrective actions to address nonconformance(s)
  • Effectively resolves disputes related to nonconformance issues and third party certification

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