System Development

Documentation is part of our process

Outsourcing for management system development begins with being confident in choosing the right service provider and program solution.

Qualified management specialists referred by AccessQMS are true professionals that have extensive knowledge and experience. They bring added value to your organization by their customized approach to system development and their commitment to remain on task until your system is successfully complete.

By comparison, and for the same out-of-pocket cost, most providers of similar services offer only training, implementation guidance and oversight on how to develop and achieve system conformance, while leaving the responsibility of writing the documentation up to you. Opting to have the written documentation included as well, requires additional fees that often exceeds your budget. AccessQMS is different.

When choosing to outsource through AccessQMS, all the groundwork and system development is done for you. To achieve first time success, we simplify the entire process to avoid increased spending and any unforeseen or unnecessary complications. This allows us to focus on the task at hand, meet your determined deadline(s) and deliver a fully operational system that works.

AccessQMS systems include:

  • Incorporating required policies
  • Writing procedures as required by the standard(s) or determined necessary for system operation
  • Developing  process maps and establishing interactions and linkages for:
  • Customer Oriented Processes (COP’s)
  • Management Oriented Processes (MOP’s)
  • Support Oriented Processes (SOP’s)
  • Adding any specific requirements (i.e. regulatory or customer)
  • Programming electronic hyperlinks into documentation for user-friendliness
  • Providing streamlined forms to reduce paperwork for operational efficiency

All work is guaranteed to be in conformance to the requirements of the selected standard(s) and is developed off-site by your contracted QMS (qualified management specialist) to minimize workforce downtime.

For convenience, all processes, procedures and forms are hyperlinked, so all the user needs to do is click on the link and it will take them directly to the process, procedure or form. This “ease of use” is one of the keys to making a system that people will consistently use to streamline operations, maintain system conformance and produce customer confidence.

On final completion, what you receive is a totally customized management system that mirrors the exactitude of your operational processes, conforms to both the selected standard(s) and any specific requirements, and is practical for using on a day-to-day basis.

To best serve your organization and your financial needs, AccessQMS offers three different methods for practical system development. See Development options.

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