The DSRV Process

Having a living management system in place requires taking a practical approach to system maintenance. The DSRV program is designed to drive continual improvement and ensure that your management system operates at peak performance. The audit process below, mainly describes areas to focus on required by international standards that includes finding any nonconformance(s) and then determining the appropriate corrective action(s). What is equally important to realize is that by performing this audit, you now have also captured the necessary data that reveals what you are doing effectively. This affords your organization the opportunity to discover new ways to improve your overall system processes and put in place valuable preventative action(s).

Pre Audit

  • The QMS (qualified management specialist) Auditor will establish the audit schedule.
  • The schedule is based on your schedule and availability.
  • The QMS Auditor will contact you prior to the agreed date and send you the audit schedule for that particular audit.


  • The QMS Auditor will arrive on the scheduled date and perform the audit using the Plan-Do-Check-Act, or Turtle Diagram audit methodology (this is based on the structure of the management system).
  • A very brief opening meeting will be held with the personnel you feel are necessary
  • Review the schedule and make any necessary adjustments to minimize disruption to the operations.
  • The QMS Auditor will perform the audit as scheduled.
  • A brief closing meeting will be held to review the audit findings and gain consensus (Additional evidence may be presented at this time).
  • Immediate and/or long-term corrective actions may be presented at this time by the QMS Auditor.

Follow Up

  • The QMS Auditor will send a detailed audit report, including recommendations for corrective actions.
  • Determine your corrective actions to the nonconformance reports and forward them to the QMS Auditor
  • The QMS Auditor will review the corrective actions and approve them, or make further recommendations.
  • Implement the agreed on corrective actions and forward the reports and all supporting evidence to the QMS Auditor for review.
  • The QMS Auditor will review the reports and evidence and approve them as closed, or make further recommendations.
  • Once all corrective actions are approved and closed, the QMS Auditor will assemble the final audit report and forward it to the client. A synopsis of the report will be attached for use in the Management Review process.
  • On subsequent audits, the QMS Auditor will always review all previous audit nonconformance(s) to ensure proper implantation and closure.
  • The QMS Auditor will deliver final audit report to the company for filing.

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