Development Options

Management System Development Methods

On-Site Method – This method of system development is by nature more traditionally recognized, yet does incur travel expenses. The benefit to this method however is that you receive a more personal and hands-on experience during the development process. Depending on the complexity of your system, typically, your contracted QMS (qualified management specialist) will make two to three visits to your location in order to perform certain necessary tasks.

  • A tour of your facility to meet personnel and see your operation first hand
  • Perform an on-site gap analysis when determined necessary
  • Interview relevant personnel to identify operational processes
  • Deliver and review system documentation
  • Deliver training and/or system auditing services

VMSDP™ Method ~ The VMSDP™ (Virtual Management System Development Program) is our most popular and cost effective method for system development. Similar to an internal management meeting, the VMSDP™ leverages web based technology and uses Skype™ to conduct a series of video conferences. The benefit to this method is your ability to conveniently and quickly develop an effective system using a free and reliable resource to create the virtual environment. The VMSDP™ provides an easy and efficient way to exchange information and receive consultation, identify and capture operational processes and hold successful system reviews.

  • Cuts costs by eliminating travel expenses
  • Enables Face-to-face communication via webcam to webcam free video calling
  • Provides upload/download capabilities to exchange important files
  • Screen share capabilities to make revisions to system documentation online in real time
  • Saves on paying additional fees when possibly having to reschedule your now on-site QMS when unforeseen events alter the course of the days’ priorities

Combination Method ~ This approach to system development incorporates aspects of both the on-site and the VMSDP™ methodologies. By combining the two, you receive the cost benefit by performing certain development tasks online, while also benefiting from the more personal hands-on experience that comes with selective on-site visitation.

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