Here is a partial listing of an ever growing number of valued clients:

Achievement & Rehabilitation Centers, Inc. (ARC Broward)
Aerovoice, Inc.
Affordable Language Services, Ltd.
ALG eCycling, LLC
ALG Enterprise, Inc.
ALTA Languages Services
American Translation Partners, Inc.
Apex Translations
Applied Plastic Products, LLC
Asahi Kasei Plastics
Asset Recovery and Recycling
Astra Tool and Instrument
Atlanta Recycling Solutions (ARS)
Automatic Drawn Products
B&C Corporation
Back Thru The Future Computer Recycling
Band It Idex
Barrett Plating, Inc.
Blu Wave Systems
Bluegrass E-Cycle
Breeze Industrial Products, Inc.
Brownstown Quality Tool and Design
CCL Calibration Laboratories, Inc.
Check Corporation
CM Metals, Inc.
Commercial Vehicle Systems
Comprenew Environmental
Confluent Translations, LLC
CS Controls
EplanetEwaste, LLC
E-Tech Recycling
Fi TechFlame Spray Coating Co.
Foreign Language Services, Inc.
Fox & Associates, Inc.
Highlands Diversified Services
General Machine Works Company

Hi-Tech Recycling, LLC
JaMax. Inc.
J&I Technologies, Inc.
Keebloo, LLC
Keystone Technology Management, LLC.
KIKA Enterprises, Inc.
Life Cycle Solutions, Inc.
Link Engineering, Inc.
Magnum Computer Recycling
Master Machining, Inc.
MCBI ~ Midwest Electronic Recovery
Mean Green E-Cyclers, LLC
Merciel Materials, LLC
Mid-State Plating Co.
Montclair Holding International, Inc
Moon Roof Corporation of America
Mountain Recyclers
MRC Manufacturing Plastic Solutions
Murakami Manufacturing USA, Inc.
Newtype, Inc
Nexlink Communications LLC.
North Carolina State University Solar Center
Olin Corporation
Paragon Language Services, Inc.
PCS Wireless
Phillips Industries
Polaris Engineering & Manufacturing
Precision Equipment
Primeline Services
Production Spring, LLC.
Protech Laser
Rainbow Powder Coatings
React E-Cycling, Inc.
Renew Tech, Inc.
Rivas, Inc.
Royal Die and Stamping Company, Inc.
SBK Green Century Electronic Recycle, LLC
Schain Mold and Engineering, Inc.
SH3, Inc.
Spectrum eCycle Solutions, Inc.
SPRINT Partner (Reverse Logistics Certification Program)
Standridge  Granite Corporation
Sterling Spring, Inc.
The Cutting Edge Precision Machining, Inc.
The Wireless Alliance, LLC
Telesis Group, Inc.
Translation Plus, Inc.
Tri-Gon Precision, Inc
Two Rivers, LLC
Una River, LLC
US Mobile Phone
WMI Incorporated
Woodworth, Inc.
World Wide Language Resources, Inc.
WSA Distributing, Inc.
Wyoming Completion Technologies

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