Since 2003, AccessQMS continues to operate as an online/telecommuting service, which enables us to radically reduce environmental impacts and conserve energy. Free of charge, AccessQMS provides organizations across multiple industries access to the necessary expertise, tools and services that supports your goals and objectives. We collaborate with clients to help them solidify important management decisions toward maintaining a high-performance and sustainable organization.

AccessQMS service agents have a thorough understanding of how standards, system management, compliance and training relate to business functions. They are dedicated to quickly establishing a one-on-one relationship with a qualified management specialist that delivers the best solution at the right price.

The AccessQMS commitment:

  • Making sure all your needs are fully understood and addressed to provide a practical solution that works
  • Educating organizations on the appropriate use of standards to bring clarity to some of the misinterpretations that surround management system development, implementation, maintenance and certification
  • Connecting your organization to a QMS (qualified management specialist) that guarantees their work performance and is both cost effective and fits well with your organization
  • Following up on services rendered by a contracted QMS to ensure that all your needs have been successfully met


  • Alternative/Renewable Energy- Wind, Solar, Geo-Thermal, Hydro and Bio-Fuels
  • Automotive
  • Aviation, Space and Defense
  • Chemical, Plastic and Metal Scrap Recycling
  • Computer Asset Management, Electronics Recycling
  • Drilling Components-Oil and Gas
  • Energy and Environmental Conservation
  • Food Safety
  • General Services Corporations
  • Heat Treating, Plating and Coating
  • Injection Molding
  • Laboratory Services-Testing and Calibration
  • Language services (Translation, Interpretation and Localization)
  • Machining-NC/CNC and Laser cutting
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Device
  • Metal Stamping, Fabrication and Tool and Die
  • NGO’s & Not-for-Profit
  • Private Sector Preparedness-PS-Prep
  • Shipping and Transportation
  • Storage and Warehousing

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