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When outsourcing to providers of consulting, assessment and training services, AccessQMS delivers.
Serving as a technical resource and referral service, AccessQMS provides organizations direct access to management system experts that contract independently, guarantee their work performance and are available on a per project basis.  Each qualified management specialist delivers a variety of AccessQMS services to make every project a success and support your organization in being truly sustainable.

Living Systems Are the Keys to Sustainability

When true sustainability is the goal, two big questions arise. How do we obtain it? and How do we manage it? Obtaining true sustainability is accomplished by designing and operating your organization according to the principles of living systems. Given that all operational processes are connected and interdependent, by designing a living system, your organization will have a flexible management
structure that is both fluid and adapts to change. Find out how…


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Certification…Setting the Bar for Responsible Electronics Stewardship

In general, the overall impression seems to be that many organizations are moving forward and pursuing certification for responsible electronics recycling.

Although third-party certification is still relatively new to the electronics recycling industry, recent indicators point to market trends and new legislation as the drivers of this initiative.

Industry leaders have geared up and are rapidly pushing down certification requirements to all their suppliers, as a prerequisite for attaining vendor approval.
This includes you; electronics recyclers (collection and sorting), component processors and any additional downstream vendors that handle focus materials and peripherals.

Being proactive has its benefits, and organizations that participate quickly will secure their market share by carrying out their social and ethical responsibilities. From strictly a business perspective, they will also be demonstrating their keen ability to anticipate both regulatory and market trends wisely, by taking positive action.

In the past, when voluntary certification has emerged in other industries, we’ve seen that the suppliers who readily participate, produce customer confidence and are often rewarded with a preferred vendor status. This is what leads to greater exposure, winning more business and achieving true sustainability.

When making this new investment, most of you are entering unfamiliar territory. You may be overwhelmed by the fact that while learning how to
fully understand the certification process, you must simultaneously continue
to successfully run your business. Costs will be incurred and decisions must be made. Having to sort through and make sense of so much presented material can be quite a task. This is where AccessQMS can greatly support your efforts.

AccessQMS has helped numerous organizations develop their management systems and successfully achieve certification. We assist you with our many years of experience by demystifying the entire process and putting you at ease. We use plain language; know what is useful and practical; and make sure to steer you away from potential complications.

Whether you’re seeking certification to: R2, R2/RIOS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 or e-Stewards and/or developing an integrated system using multiple standards, AccessQMS will properly prepare your organization the first time to ensure that you’re successful. What’s the first step?

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